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About Us

Activities are carried out to digitize all stages of international trade and customs procedures by using artificial intelligence, data science and big data analytics technologies.

On the other hand, digital marketing and social media marketing services are provided to manufacturers and exporters in search engines and social media platforms in foreign markets.

The vision of our company is to digitize all activities related to international trade and customs clearance with new generation technologies using real-life data and to offer the services provided in this field through digital channels from a single window.

In this context, the following projects are carried out within our organization:

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The Market Report by Product/Product Group is the first product we offer to our solution partners. There are billions of raw data such as foreign trade statistics, company information, transportation data, customs duties, import price information, market data related to international trade that we continuously and systematically provide for each product/product group from many different sources. We clean, classify, process them, and analyze the developments in global markets on a monthly basis with the algorithms we develop and present them to our members. We analyze the data quickly and reliably with advanced algorithms and present it to use in our reports in the most meaningful way. Depending on the criteria you choose, we identify the importers with the highest potential in your target markets, and ensure that you meet your products with the right markets. Thus, we are able to present work and processes in a very short time, which are much more difficult, require specialization and take a lot of time if they are done individually by each company.

Determination of Customs Tariff Harmonized Codes (HS Code) of Products/Goods with Artificial Intelligence Technologies: Since many transactions, which are the main subjects of international trade, such as customs duties applied by countries to each other, trade policy measures (quota, surveillance, dumping, etc.), recording import and export statistics, are carried out over the customs tariff code, determining the correct customs tariff code is one of the most important topics in this field. In this context, it is aimed to present these services, which are made with human power, with a software using new generation technologies, in order to digitize these activities and present them from a single window. Our aforementioned project has been approved by TUBITAK with project number 3220975 and R&D studies are continuing.

Matching the Customs Tariff Codes of the Countries at the National Level: By matching the tariff codes used by the countries on a national basis, the most detailed national code in each country is tried to be determined in the most detailed national codes in other countries.

Market Forecasting and Selection with Artificial Intelligence Technologies on the Basis of 6 Digit HS Code: Today, the production of a product has turned into a production organization carried out by different companies in different countries for reasons such as cost advantage, supply security and quality input. In any country, almost a product can no longer be finally produced and exported with only domestic inputs. For this reason, it is aimed to predict the import and export amounts of the product/output in each country and to select the most suitable major markets through artificial intelligence technologies by using changes in customs duties, exchange rates, import/export amounts, supply chain and energy cost.

Glossary of Goods: All living/inanimate products/goods that exist naturally or are formed as a result of any processing activity, assembly, painting, labeling, packaging, cleaning, roasting are subject to international trade. It is known that there are tens of millions of products/goods subject to international trade. However, there is no dictionary or index of the products in question. We continue to work on the development of the product mentioned by one of our customers.

Data Science

We use data science by creating programming code and combine it with statistical knowledge to create insights from global market data.

Big Data

We digitize international trade with AI technologies and Big Data Analytics by using real-life data.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop technologies that shape international trade and offer data-driven solutions to our partners for all sectors and markets.